Today’s sermon was about “Doubting Thomas”, the apostle who refused to believe in Jesus’ resurrection until he had seen and touched the wounds himself. The minister pointed out that doubt is normal. Even Mother Teresa, went through years of doubt. In 1959 she wrote, “In my soul I feel just that terrible pain of loss of God not wanting me — of God not being God — of God not existing.”

Even though she went through decades when she questioned her faith, she continued to act faithful and to do God’s work.

I believe when our lives are going along fairly smoothly, faith doesn’t require much effort. However, when a child suffers a spinal chord injury, a husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or we witness terrible tragedies happening around us, it becomes harder to trust that God is present and at work in our lives.

It is during these times that we look within ourselves and question what we believe. We may doubt God. We may lose our faith. We may even give up on God completely.

If you are in a place of doubt today, it’s okay. Because I am absolutely confident that God will never give up on you.