IMG_1141I don’t think it’s possible to over-estimate the power of kindness. Yesterday we spent three hours going through Alex’s pre-op process. We met with a lot of people. He filled out numerous forms and submitted to a variety of tests and X-rays. Every time someone smiled, shared an encouraging comment or offered a glass of water they bolstered our spirits. The positive energy they transferred to us was like electricity traveling through a high line wire.

Today I’m giving thanks to professional caregivers everywhere who find the compassion and patience to help people who are suffering from any condition that makes them vulnerable physically or emotionally.

Generally these people have no idea of who their patients are beyond their name, birthdate and diagnosis. As patients and family members, we have no concept of the problems and challenges the professional caregivers face in their lives. No one lives a life free of struggle, but when we can set aside our own worries, anxieties and troubles long enough to show a little kindness to one another, it makes all of our burdens a little easier to bear.