Love – The Miracle Gift of Caregiving

Christmas message for caregiversChristmas is the season of miracles. Today children have awakened to find gifts from Santa. Volunteers have helped grant wishes by ringing bells and collecting food, clothing and toys. The generosity of those in a position to give has provided countless Christmas miracles for people in need. However, when money can’t fix a problem, miracles are more difficult to create. When we’re caring for someone who has run out of medical miracles, we have to look beyond the needs of the body. A friend whose husband had fought a long and arduous battle with cancer, wrote to me and said, “We prayed for him to get well. That didn’t happen, but he was healed before he died.”

Their marriage hadn’t been easy, and his illness had been a difficult journey for both of them. But in the end, all of their differences and disagreements fell away. They forgave one another and themselves, and she helped him face the end of his life without regrets or fear. The day he died, the only thing that was left between them was love. It’s love that motivates us to open our wallets and give to others. It’s love that gives us the strength to care for someone who cannot take care of him/herself. It’s love that has the ultimate power to heal. And that fact that there are no limits on love, that we can give and receive love freely, may be the greatest miracle of all. Merry Christmas!