Caregiver School: Session #3

mad_stick_figure_400_clr_5354 (1)Today’s animated video, “Why Am I Angry?” is about 7 minutes in length. I think you’ll love the little characters, and I’m pretty sure you will identify with the reasons professional and family caregivers get angry.

It helps to understand that anger is a normal and predictable response to situations over which we have little or no control. So as a caregiver, it’s not a question about whether you will get mad (because you will).

The question is how you’ll choose to handle it. This video will walk you through the first two steps of developing an attitude of Creative Indifference toward anger. Tomorrow’s video will help you develop an action plan. I hope you’ll take the time to watch it. I’d also like to ask you to share this post with anyone you know who might also be struggling with caregiver anger.

Click here to watch: Why Am I Angry? Let Me Count the Ways!