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“Elaine is a touching, compassionate, and dynamic presenter.  She has a unique way of touching the hearts of everyone in the room.  Our members were “wowed” with her sessions. She received 100% positive feedback on the post conference evaluations.”

Mary Ellen Keller, PALA Conference Consultant

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the day for the 385 caregivers attending the Challenges in Caregiving Conference. They laughed, they cried, they felt understood . . . and they learned the importance of taking care of themselves.”

Bev Ricker, Executive Director at Kensington Senior Living Redwood City, CA

“Elaine is a warm and loving human being whose passion for supporting caregivers translates immediately to an audience. You cannot look at her work apart from who she is as a person. One flows from the other. Her humorous stories give one hope that, with a good approach, even some of our most challenging life experiences bring value, wisdom and perspective.”

John Graham, Executive Director at Kensington Senior Living Redwood City, CA

“Elaine’s keynote address captivated the audience from beginning to end — combining humor and optimism, as well as valuable insight and information. She was one of our most popular speakers. “Caring, informative and compassionate” and “amazing speaker” are just a few of the comments on attendees’ evaluations.”

Sunita Vasdez, Meeting Planner Oregon State University Gerontology Conference

Elaine K Sanchez Caregiver Speaker and Author